We are into lousy locations

We give unusable land new value. Our solar parks are designed to be built on properties with low ecological or economic potential, or damaged land which has already been exploited. 

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Sunna Group

  • Develops, owns, operates and produces large-scale solar power
  • Offers businesses and municipalities access to more green energy
  • Contributes to renewable electricity production, benefiting biodiversity
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We want to increase the amount of solar power in the energy system

Our ambition is to increase the amount of solar power in the energy system. We develop, manage, own, produce and sell large-scale solar power in the Nordics. Through our Nordic capital partners, we are both a sustainable and long-term player in the Swedish energy market. 

Sunna offers businesses and municipalities access to more green, locally produced solar power which supports the general electrification of society. This provides for increased energy security and lower long-term electricity prices, enabling speedier economic expansion and local economic and business development. Our goal is to build 1 gigawatt capacity before 2030.

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