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Sunna develops and owns utility-scale solar power parks in the Nordics. Our ambition is to increase the amount of solar power in the energy system in a way that benefits biodiversity. Long-term relationships with Nordic capital partners means that we are a sustainable operator in the Swedish energy market. 

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Why invest in Sunna Group?

Promoting biodiversity

Since we build our facilities on already exploited land, we do not compete with functioning ecosystems.

  • Electricity production with low environmental impact

Renewable electricity production

Locally produced solar power secures a local community’s access to renewable electricity and creates opportunities for new businesses and expansion of the region.

  • Contribute to the energy supply of the future

Easy to plan

Our solar parks are easy to plan, and the technology contains no moving parts resulting in fewer potential complications during time.

  • Stable production over time

A secure partner

At Sunna, we have many years of experience in large-scale solar installations. Our business plan is based on success over the long-term.

  • Long-term approach and competence

Sustainability and biodiversity

Biodiversity entails supporting landscapes that can support several different species and large genetic varieties. It’s vital we protect biodiversity because of its central role in ensuring the survival of systems that support both nature and human life. Healthy biodiversity is crucial, for example, in underpinning the supply of clean water, air and the pollination of our crops for food production.

Scientists are also in agreement that the current pressure on biodiversity is very concerning. In the spring of 2018, the UN-established Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) published reports which assessed the loss of global ecological health to be as great a threat to the world as climate change. 

We must do better at protecting our biodiversity. To ensure the continued development of stable ecosystems, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced and more of our landscape rewilded and given back to nature. 

Electricity generated by solar power is a crucial building block in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and will play a significant role in the electrification of the future. Solar power parks built on existing low value land also ensure that greenfield sites remain untouched, and existing biodiversity supported and allowed to flourish.

IMG_4485 - Pressbilder Sunna 11 Juni 2024 (FQ) by Sofia Lewerin

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