The benefits of a solar PPA

Solar cells have low environmental impact

Compared to other energy sources, solar cells have a low environmental impact. Generating solar power does not require fuel and therefore emits no carbon dioxide.

  • Energy with low environmental impact
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reversible installation and high recycling rate

Invest in your own solar park

By signing a Power Purchase Agreement, you contribute to the development of solar power and gain resilience against future price changes.

  • Naming rights for your own solar park
  • Certified guarantees of origin
  • Protection against electricity market volatility

Benefiting biodiversity

Using low profit land for solar power plants ensures that more economically and ecologically valuable land remains intact and benefits biodiversity.

  • Reduces over-fertilization
  • Counteracts monoculture
  • Creates unique habitats

Key facts

Energy from the sun

The sun is a renewable energy source that, unlike fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas, will not run out. And because generating electricity from renewable sources does emit any greenhouse gases, the process is better for the environment and the planet too. Large-scale solar power plants, however, are installed on the ground and require large surface areas. But because we build our solar parks on land that has already been deemed unusable, we enable biodiversity to flourish.

Sunrise over a modern solar farm

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