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180 hectare land agreement signed with Sweden’s largest forest owner

Sveaskog is leasing land to Sunna Group to invest in the expansion of renewable energy through the establishment of a large-scale solar cell park of approximately 130 MW.

Åre, 8th may 2023 – Sunna Group AB (“Sunna”)

180 hectare land agreement signed with Sweden’s largest forest owner

Sunna Group, one of Sweden’s fastest growing players in large-scale solar power and renewable energy, intends to establish a solar park of approximately 130 MW on forest land owned by Sweden’s largest forest owner Sveaskog.

“We are really happy to be given the confidence by Sveaskog to lease forest land for energy production. We believe that our combined expertise in forestry and solar energy will create great opportunities for sustainable solutions and for locating suitable land areas to meet the increasing need for renewable electricity production.”, says Marcus Qviberg, Sunna Group CEO. 

Solar parks are becoming more common as the need for fossil-free energy increases both in Sweden and the rest of the world. By building solar parks on forest land with low nature values, Sunna can contribute to more sustainable electricity production without competing with, for example, agriculture or sensitive nature.

Sunna aims to maximize the benefits of solar parks while minimizing the impact on nature and wildlife in the surrounding area. Therefore, natural value inventories will be performed on the land in question to investigate how consideration of biodiversity can be planned in the best way when establishing the solar park. This may include avoiding sensitive areas and creating new habitats for endangered species. The park will also not be fenced in to ensure free movement through the area for animals and outdoor life.

The land that Sveaskog leases to Sunna consists of 180 hectares of forest land in Dalarna County and the annual production from the planned solar park is estimated to be around 140 million kilowatt hours, equivalent to household electricity for 28,000 standard villas.

“We welcome that our land is used to assist in the green transition, provided that all necessary permits are in place, including the impact on nature, local residents and outdoor life”, says Linnea Lundkvist, property manager at Sveaskog.


Size: 180 hectares
Power: 130 MW
Production: approximately 140,000,000 kWh per year, equivalent to the household electricity of 28,000 standard villas.
Location: Dalarna County


Marcus Qviberg, Sunna Group CEO
Phone: 073-317 38 76

Sveaskog’s press office
Phone: 08-655 90 50


About Sunna Group:

Sunna was founded in June 2021 with the ambition to increase the amount of solar power in the energy system by developing, owning and managing large-scale solar power in the Nordic region. Together with long-term capital partners, Sunna is a sustainable player in the Swedish energy market. Sunna increases access to green, locally produced solar power, enabling faster regional establishment and expansion of companies, as well as supporting the electrification of society at large. Sunna’s goal is to build 500 MW by 2025 – equivalent to about half of Sweden’s largest hydroelectric power plants – and 1 GW will be in production by 2030.

About Sveaskog:

Sveaskog is Sweden’s largest forest owner and is owned by the Swedish state. Sveaskog’s core business is managing and exploiting the forest and supplying timber, pulpwood, chips, biofuel, forest plants and forestry services. Sveaskog supplements the supply from its own forest with purchases from other forest owners, exchanges and imports. Customers are mainly in the Swedish forest industry, which exports all over the world. Sveaskog also conducts land and wind power transactions and develops the forest as a place for fishing, hunting and other nature experiences. The company owns 14% of Sweden’s forests, operates in around 170 municipalities and has around 800 employees across the country. 

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