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Johan Paradis is the new CTO of Sunna

Sunna has recruited one of Scandinavia's most experienced people in the solar industry. With extensive knowledge of large-scale solar power, Johan will bring unique expertise to the company.

Sunna, a large-scale solar energy company, has recruited one of Scandinavia’s most experienced people in the industry. With extensive experience in procuring and operating large-scale solar farms, Johan will bring unique technical and industry-specific expertise to his role as CTO at Sunna.

Sunna’s ambition is to bring the benefits of large-scale solar farms to Sweden to meet the challenges that society faces in terms of electricity shortages, as well as to contribute to a sustainable transformation of the overall energy system.

Everything points to the fact that we have now reached the tipping point that many have been waiting for, which is necessary for large-scale solar power to be profitable for a long time to come, even in Sweden. This is a journey I am obviously looking forward to being a part of, says Johan Paradis.

At Sunna, we are very excited that Johan is taking the step to work operationally in the business. His long experience and passion for solar energy is unique, and the expertise and network he has built up over the years is crucial to our success, says Marcus Qviberg, incoming CEO of Sunna.

In 2021, Sunna has raised capital from strategic capital partners and is ready to develop and own large-scale solar farms in the long term. Sunna currently aims to build 500 MW by 2025 – equivalent to about half the output of Sweden’s largest hydroelectric power plant.

Johan Paradis and other early entrepreneurs have helped shape the Swedish solar industry into an entire sector full of trust, innovation and courage, says Anna Werner, CEO, Svensk Solenergi

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Marcus Qviberg, CEO
0730-81 73 91

About Sunna Group:

Sunna’s ambition is to increase the amount of solar in the energy system. Together with long-term capital partners, Sunna will become a sustainable player in the Swedish energy market. Sunna offers companies and municipalities access to larger amounts of green, locally produced solar power, enabling faster regional establishment and expansion of companies, as well as supporting the electrification of society at large. Sunna currently aims to build 500 MW by 2025 – equivalent to about half of Sweden’s largest hydro power plants.

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