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Joint investment in Gotland’s largest solar park

Sunna Group, together with Roma Grus, plans to build a solar park on former industrial land to supply the business and the local community with renewable electricity.

Åre/Roma, October 31st 2022 – Sunna Group AB (“Sunna”)

Roma Grus and Sunna Group jointly invest in Gotland’s largest solar park

Together with the local company Roma Grus, Sunna plans to establish a solar park next year in an industrial area just east of the village of Roma on Gotland. The land in question was previously used for a sugar mill, but since the closure of production in 1996 it has been left unused. The area is considered to have excellent potential for solar electricity generation, with good values of annual solar irradiance and land that has no high nature values and is not suitable for agriculture.

Marcus Qviberg, VD Sunna

We are very happy to be able to start this project together with Roma Grus and it is in line with our goal to use land with low nature values and make something good out of it. Sweden needs to significantly increase its electricity production from solar energy and this is a step in the right direction and also in an extremely suitable location, says Marcus Qviberg, CEO Sunna Group about the cooperation.

Roma Grus operates in heavy industries that require a lot of energy and leave their mark on Gotland’s landscape. This is because we mine and produce gravel and rock. The fact that we also process these materials into products such as asphalt and concrete requires a lot of energy. Establishing energy production on our land is an important step in following our sustainability strategy that gives us green electricity locally, explains Magnus Lindby, CEO Roma Grus.

Magnus Lindby, VD Roma Grus

The planned park will be Gotland’s largest of its kind to date, with a total installed capacity of 3.5 MW, which will result in a production that is approximately twice as much as Roma Grus’ own consumption.

In addition, if the area around the park can be developed to have a positive impact on biodiversity, the project fits in very well with our sustainability work, where we are constantly working to find solutions that allow us to use fossil-free and green energy. Realizing this project together with Sunna is fun, if I were to describe the relationship, it can be summarized in a few words; competence, familiarity and high expectations, Magnus Lindby continues.

Over a period of about 35 years, the solar park will assist a very urgent social interest, namely the transition to a fossil-free society. The consultation application for the park has been submitted to Gotland County Administrative Board.

About Roma Grus AB:

A family-owned company that has been operating on Gotland for over 50 years, offering the local market industrial services and transport, as well as a wide range of products in the form of asphalt, concrete, and oils, as well as gravel and rock products. Roma Grus has a strong focus on providing products and services in a sustainable manner, as well as being an industry leader in ecological sustainability. One step in this direction is to invest in solar energy and the transition to fossil-free production. 

About Sunna Group AB:

Sunna was founded in June 2021 with the ambition to increase the amount of solar power in the energy system by producing, developing, owning, managing and selling large-scale solar power in the Nordic region. Together with long-term capital partners, Sunna is a sustainable player in the Swedish energy market.
Sunna increases access to green, locally produced solar power, enabling faster regional establishment and expansion of companies, as well as supporting the electrification of society at large. Sunna’s goal is to build 500 MW by 2025 – equivalent to about half of Sweden’s largest hydroelectric power plants – and 1 GW will be in production by 2030. 

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