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Sunna secures contract for 100 hectares of land

Sunna has signed an agreement for 100 hectares of land for the establishment of large-scale solar power on land that is poorly suited for agriculture.

Sunna has entered into an agreement for 100 hectares of land for the establishment of large-scale solar power. This agreement is a step towards Sunna’s vision of creating a platform for renewable energy. Sunna’s ambition is to bring the benefits of large-scale solar farms to Sweden to meet the challenges that society faces in terms of electricity shortages, and to contribute to a sustainable transformation of the overall energy system.

The surface is about the size of 200 football fields and is not well suited for agriculture. We see great opportunities to sign more contracts for similar types of land and look forward to a long-term relationship with landowners, says Marcus Qviberg, incoming CEO of Sunna.

Access to grid connection is an important factor and here we see that our cooperation with the grid owner is of great importance for our ambition to be able to connect the plant as soon as possible, says Johan Paradis, CTO

When designing solar farms, Sunna actively works with biodiversity. Ensuring that we do no harm but rather use the land to build a sustainable ecosystem is fundamental to community building, now and in the future.

We look forward to working with Sunna to develop this solar park so that it can contribute to biodiversity in several ways, says Linnea Andersson, environmental consultant at Envigo AB.

For more information:
Marcus Qviberg, incoming CEO
0730-81 73 91

About Sunna Group:

Sunna’s ambition is to increase the amount of solar in the energy system. Together with long-term capital partners, Sunna will become a sustainable player in the Swedish energy market. We will develop, own and manage large-scale solar power. Sunna offers companies and municipalities access to larger amounts of green, locally produced solar power, enabling faster regional establishment and expansion of companies, as well as supporting the electrification of society at large. Sunna currently aims to build 500 MW by 2025 – equivalent to about half of Sweden’s largest hydroelectric power plants.

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