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HQ in Åre reinforced with three new employees

During the autumn, Sunna has hired three new talents to expand its team at the headquarters in Åre.

During the autumn, Sunna has hired three new talents to expand the team at the headquarters in Åre. The latest addition, Sandra Tenggren, is just entering her first week as a lawyer and sustainability expert. She joins Sunna’s CEO Marcus Qviberg at the Åre office, where business developer Gustaf Sundbüe and trainee Gabriella Edebo have been working since August.

It’s incredibly exciting to be part of such a growth journey, and having colleagues in place at our headquarters in Åre means that we are taking big steps forward in building the company. It’s an impressive team we’ve put together in a relatively short time and I’m very proud to be a part of it. Now that we have the team in place, we will be able to accelerate our journey towards adding more solar energy to Sweden’s energy mix and thus also contribute to reduced climate impact and greater biodiversity, says Marcus Qviberg, CEO of Sunna.

Sandra Tenggren

Sandra Tenggren, Sustainability specialist and lawyer

Sandra Tenggren is our latest addition in the role of sustainability specialist and lawyer, which will contribute greatly to Sunna’s ability to develop the business going forward. She has extensive experience as a sustainability consultant and legal researcher, and has conducted research in climate risks and climate adaptation at the Stockholm Environment Institute. She recently moved to Duved and enjoys snow and skiing, both alpine and cross country.

Gustaf Sundbüe, Business Developer

Gustaf Sundbüe

Gustaf Sundbüe joined Sunna as a trainee during his last six months of studies at Linköping University in Energy and Environment Engineering, with a master’s in industrial economics. Since August, he has moved to Åre and started working full-time as a business developer, with a strong focus on investigation of potential land areas, permit applications and project development. Gustaf has a background of orienteering at an elite level, which means that his understanding of maps is high, a clear advantage for finding suitable locations to establish large-scale solar power.

Gabriella Edebo, Trainee

Gabriella Edebo

Gabriella Edebo is studying energy engineering at Mid Sweden University and has been working as a trainee at Sunna since August, in parallel with her studies. In this role, she gets the chance to explore all areas of our business, where the more technical parts of design, grid connection and construction of future parks seem to be the most appealing at the moment. Gabriella also has a background as a writer and web editor, and has taken responsibility for Sunna’s external communications and website updates.

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